Our Vision

KS Group is a real estate development company that develops, purchases and improves properties in the U.S. KS Group focuses on identifying opportunities for purchasing properties with improvement potential in areas of high demand.

The Group’s vision is to create a substantial portfolio of income producing assets, ensuring a strong and stable cash flow and providing clear upside potential in lucrative U.S. areas.

The vision is realized through the identification of purchasing opportunities with a high potential for growth and betterment, neighborhoods undergoing gentrification and areas where properties and cash flows can be improved and provided additional value.

The managers seek to harness their extensive development and construction experience to establish a creative and innovative approach to asset development and betterment in the U.S.

The company develops, purchases and improves real estate properties throughout the U.S. It was established by Yehuda Kotkes and Daniel Spiegel, real estate developers extensively experienced with constructing and managing projects in Israel.