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With Vision

Welcome to KS Group, a premier New Jersey-based real estate acquisitions firm specializing in multifamily properties. With over 25 years of combined experience in diverse commercial markets, our team has a proven track record of success both domestically and abroad.

Our Vision

Income-Producing Assets​

Our team is skilled at identifying value-add opportunities in markets exhibiting potential for property appreciation and cash flow optimization

Lucrative Areas​

Our firm possesses the expertise to develop a diversified portfolio of income-generating assets strategically located within high-growth markets throughout the United States

Experienced Management​

Leveraging their comprehensive experience, our leadership team implements innovative and unconventional asset development strategies within the U.S. market
The KS Story

KS Group is a leading real estate investment firm specializing in the strategic acquisition and development of income-generating properties in high-growth U.S. markets.

Our Mission: We identify undervalued assets in emerging neighborhoods and implement value-add strategies to maximize their income potential.

City of Newark

Newark, is experiencing a period of significant development, with a focus on residential and mixed-use projects. The city’s central business district is undergoing revitalization, attracting new residents and businesses. This includes the construction of new apartments, art galleries, shops, and restaurants, aiming to create a more vibrant downtown atmosphere.

Headquartered in Newark, KS Group has leveraged its five-year presence to cultivate strong relationships with city officials and community leaders. We are actively engaged in the city’s ongoing development and take pride in being a contributing member. Our local standing positions us to identify and capitalize on promising investment opportunities within Newark’s growth trajectory.